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By | February 22, 2016

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Easy WordPress Localhost is a software application that sets up a perfectly configured localhost server in just a clicks. This permits you to build and test WordPress websites on your local computer using any standard webbrowser. On top of that you can also clone and backup live websites.

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Advantages of building sites local using Easy WP Localhost ?

All professional webbuilders build their sites offline using localhost. They do this for a few reasons, the main one being speed of development. Building sites offline is simply much faster as there is no lagtime. Another important reason is no-one sees your mistakes, no-one can see a site before it is ready and put live.

The disadvantage of working offline is the setup and uploading your local site to the web. Both are technically complicated and take a lot of additional work. Also updating sites is a mess and goes often wrong. But this is where Easy WP Localhost comes in. Easy WP Localhost sets up your local computer as a localhost in a single click. It’s doing this in no time and there simply are no technical skills required to do this. Uploading your site to the web also goes in a single click. Again very fast and no technical skills required.

Taking a clone of a live site ? No problemo. Easy WordPress localhost does all the hard work for you. No technical skills required.

Also making backups can sometimes be hard and simply not work with live setups. Again with Easy WP Localhost, creating a backup from your site, and the same for restoring, it takes just 1 click.

So using Easy WordPress Localhost, you have all the benefits of working local, without the complexity.

Checkout the video below which demonstrates how it works.

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