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By | March 12, 2016

Google, Apple, and Firefox released new way to contact people back without the use of email or retargeting ads. Imagine connecting with your website visitors right on their PC or Mac desktop even when browser isn’t running. They do not have to install anything.

All they have to do is a single click, and they will be added to your notification list. Push Response is a software which allows you to build a list of people who visited your website, and contact them back directly on their computer desktops and android devices without the use of email or retargeting ads.

Yes you heard it right, you are no longer forced to rely exclusively on email or ads to be able to re-engage people who visited your website.

Push Response = app like notifications

Push Response allows you to send app like notifications, but without an app.
You can send short messages straight to user’s desktop or android device, and the user doesn’t even have to be on their browser or your website to receive them.
Messages display your image and text, which user can click to go right to your website or affiliate offer.

You can also play “notification sound” to alert user to take instant action.
Those messages are delivered in real-time to your subscribers so users can instantly visit your website or affiliate offer.
All you have to do is copy paste a line of code once, and request your users to allow for push notification with single click or tap.
That’s all it takes to build a push response notification list.

Facebook, CNN, New York Times, eBay and other big companies already built push notification software to grow their traffic, engagement, and sales but until now there was no solution available for marketers, entrepreneurs and small business.

Now there is Push Response !

A limited number of customers can preorder Push Response with a hughe discount and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on top of it. Check out the push response pre-order offer by clicking here.



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