Smart backlinking using twitter

By | September 21, 2015

Ever thought about using twitter for creating backlinks ? Here a few tips !

Add a backlink to your bio.

Twitter allows to add a bio and a website link to your profile. Next to adding your website link in the website-link field, it is also allowed by twitter to add 1 or even a few links to your bio. And doing this is important as many website platforms that make use of twitter take over the bio description from your twitter account but do not publish the website field. That way you are missing out on many free backlink-opportunities.

Now most of these services just provide a no-follow link (as twitter does), but in some cases like with, it become valuable do-follow links.

Twitter and Favstar is a great tool when you are actively using twitter and are tweeting about related subjects. When you create your account, you get a userpage which is accessible without you need to login. You just enter where you replace “twittername” with your twitterhandle and you endup on the page.

On that page all your tweets that have had user interaction in the form of retweets get repeated. All links that you have added in your tweets directing to your websites or webproperties become do-follow backlinks to your site. These links are surrounded by related content (as long as you tweet about similar subjects) which makes them real powerlinks. has a high domain authority, but page authority for your page will be low in the beginning. As your page ages and you tweet more, page authority will increase.

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