Get do-follow backlinks from Facebook !

By | September 22, 2015

Facebook and social media are excellent traffic sources for websites. In this article I am not discussing the high value of facebook for driving traffic direct to your site, but am focussing on the value of links coming from facebook to increase your rankings in the search engines.

Links on facebook are nofollow links !

When you share links on your facebook page, these links are usually no-follow, which means very little value (some claim none, others claim little) is passed on to the linked webpage.

But using a sneaky trick it is possible to create do-follow links.

How to get do-follow links on facebook

To get do-follow links, you need to have a facebook fanpage. Pages are for businesses, brands or organisations. Pages are linked to 1 or multiple accounts. So before you can create a facebook fanpage, you need to have a facebook account. Creating an account or fanpage is beyond the topic of this article, but the links below bring you to the tutorials from facebook.

If you created your fanpage or if you already had one, the next step is to add a “static html Iframe-TAB” to this page. To do this you enter static html Iframe-TAB into the facebook search widget or you simply click here.

static html iframe tabs

In this page, you click onto the button “Add Static HTML to a Page“.

You then get a box asking you to which page you like to add the Facebook TAB. If you have multiple facebook fanpages, you need to the one you like to add this TAB-page to which needs to contain the backlinks.

facebook page tab

Next you get a screen with a green button “Set up tab”.

setup tab facebook

You click on this green setup-tab button, which brings you to the following screen :

Getting PR10 backlinks from facebook

Now the sneaky part :

1/ you replace the text in the “index.html-tab” and you replace it by the following:

<h1><a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>your site name or ankertext</a></h1>

Offcourse you need to replace “” by your own link and “your site name or ankertext” by the ankertext of your choice.

2/ Click now on “Actions” which pops up a little window where you choose “Edit name and image”.

Here you can change the name of the TAB which will appear on your facebook page. If you want to change the default “star”-image, you need to have a paid account which will cost you 29$ monthly, but which is not required for getting dofollow backlinks. I personally just replace the name into a call to action, like “visit”.

3/ You click again on Save & Publish (the blue button) and you are ready. You have your high authority link.

You can “preview” the page by clicking on preview or check how it looks in facebook by clicking on “View on Facebook”.

In you facebook page you will notice you have added a Facebook TAB. When you click on it it will bring you to a page which has your backlink on it.

How to get the maximum linkjuice from this page ?

The above explains how to put a simple backlink on this page. But you can use this page to send much more linkjuice to your website !

The best links are links surrounded with content that is related to the content on the webpage where it is linking to. If you are smart, you put additional content around your links.

You can also put more then 1 link on this page.

So in order to get the maximum backlinking value we deeply recommend to put a long text on this page which contextually includes up to 5 deep links to your website.

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