Get high quality do-follow backlinks from google

By | September 21, 2015

Getting high quality do-follow backlinks from google is really easy.

To get them just use google’s url-shortener

When you shorten links with, automatically a statistics page is generated which includes your deeplink. You can access this page by taking the shortened link and add .info to it.
When you checkout this page using MOZ (I use the Mozbar chrome-plugin for this), you will notice that your backlink is sitting on a page with a page authority of 94, a domain authority of 95 and mR of 6.77. Hard to find better …

An example :

The following link brings you to our wp-scope review page :
When you go to the following link : you will find the high authority backlink to

How to use shortened links for maximum backlinking value

For maximum results, create shortened links from inner pages of your site. A good idea can be to tweet these links or post them on facebook or other social media & social bookmarking sites like stumble-upon. I also promote the statistics-page which contains the high authority backlink to social bookmarking sites.

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