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WPScope, Get massive Viral Traffic with Periscope

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What is WPScope / WP Scope

WPScope is a brandnew plugin for WordPress which creates original youtube video’s from Periscope live streamings.

It can do this with your own Periscope live streamings, but also with other peoples Periscope streams.

WPScope was developed by the team of Cindy Battye.

What is Periscope

Periscope is a new live streaming videoplatform, recently purchased by twitter. It allows to make streaming video using a cellphone in a very easy an convenient way.

Periscope was relaunched by twitter in march 2015 as an iphone app, and in may it was released for android.

The big advantage is that no special skills are required, unique for a live streaming tool, as these are usually very complex to handle.

And Periscope is a big hit. In may of this year, just a few months after launching the app, every single day Periscope is broadcasting 10 years of content. Periscope is now already used by millions of people worldwide and it is growing virally.

Periscope explained by Cindy Battye

[vop id=’4′]

Using Periscope as a traffic source

When you want to use Periscope to drive visitors to your website or other webproperties, live broadcasted videos are an excellent tool, but with Periscope there is one big problem : Periscope live streamings stay only available for 24 hours.

So when you make a Periscope live streaming, people can only see it during these 24 hours, which limits the potential to use it as a traffic source. After these 24 hours, all your efforts in making this video are wasted.

And this is where WPScope comes in. WPScope solves this problem by converting Periscope live streaming video’s into youtube or daily motion video’s. Once your periscope video dissappeared you can continue to get traffic from this video through youtube.

Using other peoples periscope broadcasts to drive traffic

And there is more, you also can convert other peoples periscope video’s into youtube video’s and drive traffic from it to your website or other webproperties.

You enter a keyword or hashtag and it looks for related streams,which it then converts to original youtube or dailymotion videos.

The way this traffic can be used is limitless as if done correctly it generates extreme targeted traffic.

Use Periscope for SEO

As Periscope streams are there only for 24 hours, Periscope can’t be valuable for SEO unless …

you turn them into youtube & dailymotion video’s.  Every SEO specialist knows that backlinks coming from original youtube & dailymotion videos are extremely valuable to increase your search engine rankings.

And by converting other peoples streams and by letting these link to your website or to your own videos you can get high authority backlinks 100% free !

WPScope – WP Scope explained

In the video below WP Scope is demonstrated and explained in detail.
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Early bird offer

WPScope was launched early september and is temporarily available with an early-bird discount.  By acting now, you save $60 !