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Fotopress review

FotoPress, the PhotoShop for WordPress

FotoPress Software Plugin Image Editor By Ankur Shukla is amazing Plugin Software from Ankur Shukla and Raul. More or less everyone managing & building sites with wordpress would love to have a more powerful image editor as the standard editor from wordpress is very limited in its capabilities.

FotoPress solves this issue; and does it in a great way. This wordpress plugin comes loaded with features.

<>Search for images inside 4 top royalty free libraries.

Push Response demo video

Push Response makes autoresponder marketing using desktop notifications or smartphone notifications reachable for every site owner.
Check out the push response demo video below.

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Our rating for push response :

What is Push Response ?

Push Response allows every website owner to send push notifications to an audience that has visited his website and accepted to receive push notifications from the site. These notifications are desktop messages or smartphone messages that appear on your screen, in a similar way as Facebook & Microsoft use.

What more can Push Response do ?

With Push Response you can create autoresponder sequences, similar as with advanced email marketing tools, but the messages are not delivered as emails but as push messages.

What is the advantage of push messages ?

The openrate and clickthrough rate of email messages is very low. People give much more attention to push messages, which makes it easier to make push message campaigns successful than email marketing campaigns.

Learn more about our push notification service

If you are using Facebook or Outlook, you are probably familiar with notifications appearing in your desktop, tablet or phone informing you about new messages coming in.
As a visitors of you can subscribe to our desktop notification service which allows us to send you messages in a similar way.

As a subscriber you will receive messages about new products related to internet marketing, special offers we arrange with product vendors and be informed when we have new blogposts.

Once you subscribed you can always unsubscribe by clicking the bell in the bottom right corner once again.

Our service is compatible with ios, android, windowsphone, chrome and firefox.

Push Response, push notifications for everyone

Google, Apple, and Firefox released new way to contact people back without the use of email or retargeting ads. Imagine connecting with your website visitors right on their PC or Mac desktop even when browser isn’t running. They do not have to install anything.

All they have to do is a single click, and they will be added to your notification list. Push Response is a software which allows you to build a list of people who visited your website, and contact them back directly on their computer desktops and android devices without the use of email or retargeting ads.

Yes you heard it right, you are no longer forced to rely exclusively on email or ads to be able to re-engage people who visited your website.

Push Response = app like notifications

Push Response allows you to send app like notifications, but without an app.
You can send short messages straight to user’s desktop or android device, and the user doesn’t even have to be on their browser or your website to receive them.
Messages display your image and text, which user can click to go right to your website or affiliate offer.

You can also play “notification sound” to alert user to take instant action.
Those messages are delivered in real-time to your subscribers so users can instantly visit your website or affiliate offer.
All you have to do is copy paste a line of code once, and request your users to allow for push notification with single click or tap.
That’s all it takes to build a push response notification list.

Facebook, CNN, New York Times, eBay and other big companies already built push notification software to grow their traffic, engagement, and sales but until now there was no solution available for marketers, entrepreneurs and small business.

Now there is Push Response !

A limited number of customers can preorder Push Response with a hughe discount and a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on top of it. Check out the push response pre-order offer by clicking here.

Easy wordpress localhost, build WordPress sites on your local computer

Our rating for Easy WP Localhost :

Easy WordPress Localhost is a software application that sets up a perfectly configured localhost server in just a clicks. This permits you to build and test WordPress websites on your local computer using any standard webbrowser. On top of that you can also clone and backup live websites.

easy wp localhost

Advantages of building sites local using Easy WP Localhost ?

All professional webbuilders build their sites offline using localhost. They do this for a few reasons, the main one being speed of development. Building sites offline is simply much faster as there is no lagtime. Another important reason is no-one sees your mistakes, no-one can see a site before it is ready and put live.

The disadvantage of working offline is the setup and uploading your local site to the web. Both are technically complicated and take a lot of additional work. Also updating sites is a mess and goes often wrong. But this is where Easy WP Localhost comes in. Easy WP Localhost sets up your local computer as a localhost in a single click. It’s doing this in no time and there simply are no technical skills required to do this. Uploading your site to the web also goes in a single click. Again very fast and no technical skills required.

Taking a clone of a live site ? No problemo. Easy WordPress localhost does all the hard work for you. No technical skills required.

Also making backups can sometimes be hard and simply not work with live setups. Again with Easy WP Localhost, creating a backup from your site, and the same for restoring, it takes just 1 click.

So using Easy WordPress Localhost, you have all the benefits of working local, without the complexity.

Checkout the video below which demonstrates how it works.

Easy WP Localhost is brandnew and there is a 90% off early bird discount available for everyone who acts fast ! Get it today, you won’t regret it !

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NicheReaper v3 demo & review

Our rating for NicheReaper v3 :

Discounted offer :

In this post we talk about NicheReaper v3, an excellent tool for finding keywords which “have it” to bring valuable traffic to your website or other web property.

Driving traffic to a website is usually not the goal, but the tool which must lead to conversions like sales or signups. In order to get conversions, you need quality traffic not from average untargeted visitors but from active buyers or subscribers interested in your niche.

Now there is no better way than getting such traffic from google searches.

But the cost of such traffic can be very high. Or you work with paid traffic and simply pay for every click to your landingpage. If the costs for the clicks are less than the value you can get from the visitor, than that’s an excellent way to drive traffic to your site.

Another approach is to try to appear in the first page searchresults the organic way, but this can be very hard due to competition and actually maybe cost even more than paid advertising due to the cost of all the work which is required to get there.

But when going for this approach where you want to get toprankings in the searchresults, you can save a lot of time & efforts by choosing the right keywords. Keywords that bring visitors AND which convert. By choosing the wrong keywords, you are simply wasting your time. Many keywords bring you no traffic simply because there is no search volume. Other keywords bring you traffic, but that traffic does not convert to buyers or subscribers. Again a waste of your time and efforts.

NicheReaper version 3 by Matt Garret helps you discover the golden gems, keywords that DO BRING TRAFFIC and DO CONVERT.

Checkout the demo below :

Get do-follow backlinks from Facebook !

Facebook and social media are excellent traffic sources for websites. In this article I am not discussing the high value of facebook for driving traffic direct to your site, but am focussing on the value of links coming from facebook to increase your rankings in the search engines.

Links on facebook are nofollow links !

When you share links on your facebook page, these links are usually no-follow, which means very little value (some claim none, others claim little) is passed on to the linked webpage.

But using a sneaky trick it is possible to create do-follow links.

How to get do-follow links on facebook

To get do-follow links, you need to have a facebook fanpage. Pages are for businesses, brands or organisations. Pages are linked to 1 or multiple accounts. So before you can create a facebook fanpage, you need to have a facebook account. Creating an account or fanpage is beyond the topic of this article, but the links below bring you to the tutorials from facebook.

If you created your fanpage or if you already had one, the next step is to add a “static html Iframe-TAB” to this page. To do this you enter static html Iframe-TAB into the facebook search widget or you simply click here.

static html iframe tabs

In this page, you click onto the button “Add Static HTML to a Page“.

You then get a box asking you to which page you like to add the Facebook TAB. If you have multiple facebook fanpages, you need to the one you like to add this TAB-page to which needs to contain the backlinks.

facebook page tab

Next you get a screen with a green button “Set up tab”.

setup tab facebook

You click on this green setup-tab button, which brings you to the following screen :

Getting PR10 backlinks from facebook

Now the sneaky part :

1/ you replace the text in the “index.html-tab” and you replace it by the following:

<h1><a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>your site name or ankertext</a></h1>

Offcourse you need to replace “” by your own link and “your site name or ankertext” by the ankertext of your choice.

2/ Click now on “Actions” which pops up a little window where you choose “Edit name and image”.

Here you can change the name of the TAB which will appear on your facebook page. If you want to change the default “star”-image, you need to have a paid account which will cost you 29$ monthly, but which is not required for getting dofollow backlinks. I personally just replace the name into a call to action, like “visit”.

3/ You click again on Save & Publish (the blue button) and you are ready. You have your high authority link.

You can “preview” the page by clicking on preview or check how it looks in facebook by clicking on “View on Facebook”.

In you facebook page you will notice you have added a Facebook TAB. When you click on it it will bring you to a page which has your backlink on it.

How to get the maximum linkjuice from this page ?

The above explains how to put a simple backlink on this page. But you can use this page to send much more linkjuice to your website !

The best links are links surrounded with content that is related to the content on the webpage where it is linking to. If you are smart, you put additional content around your links.

You can also put more then 1 link on this page.

So in order to get the maximum backlinking value we deeply recommend to put a long text on this page which contextually includes up to 5 deep links to your website.

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Smart backlinking using twitter

Ever thought about using twitter for creating backlinks ? Here a few tips !

Add a backlink to your bio.

Twitter allows to add a bio and a website link to your profile. Next to adding your website link in the website-link field, it is also allowed by twitter to add 1 or even a few links to your bio. And doing this is important as many website platforms that make use of twitter take over the bio description from your twitter account but do not publish the website field. That way you are missing out on many free backlink-opportunities.

Now most of these services just provide a no-follow link (as twitter does), but in some cases like with, it become valuable do-follow links.

Twitter and Favstar is a great tool when you are actively using twitter and are tweeting about related subjects. When you create your account, you get a userpage which is accessible without you need to login. You just enter where you replace “twittername” with your twitterhandle and you endup on the page.

On that page all your tweets that have had user interaction in the form of retweets get repeated. All links that you have added in your tweets directing to your websites or webproperties become do-follow backlinks to your site. These links are surrounded by related content (as long as you tweet about similar subjects) which makes them real powerlinks. has a high domain authority, but page authority for your page will be low in the beginning. As your page ages and you tweet more, page authority will increase.

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Get high quality do-follow backlinks from google

Getting high quality do-follow backlinks from google is really easy.

To get them just use google’s url-shortener

When you shorten links with, automatically a statistics page is generated which includes your deeplink. You can access this page by taking the shortened link and add .info to it.
When you checkout this page using MOZ (I use the Mozbar chrome-plugin for this), you will notice that your backlink is sitting on a page with a page authority of 94, a domain authority of 95 and mR of 6.77. Hard to find better …

An example :

The following link brings you to our wp-scope review page :
When you go to the following link : you will find the high authority backlink to

How to use shortened links for maximum backlinking value

For maximum results, create shortened links from inner pages of your site. A good idea can be to tweet these links or post them on facebook or other social media & social bookmarking sites like stumble-upon. I also promote the statistics-page which contains the high authority backlink to social bookmarking sites.

Any thoughts about this ? Leave your comment in the section below !

Videomaker FX demo & review

Our rating for VideoMakerFX :

VideomakerFX, video creation software

VideoMakerFX video creation software is a tool allowing you to make all kind of videos. Think of business & product promotional videos, testimonial & review videos, video sales letters, whiteboard videos, etc… .

What are the advantages of VideoMakerFX ?

VideoMakerFX is very easy and intuitive to use. You can learn how to use VideoMakerFX in just a few hours. And spend 2 hours more learning and you will be able to create awesome videos in no time.

Also the possibilities with this software tool are endless. VideoMakerFX allows to place text and to resize it, rotate it & color it using an unlimited number of fonts. You can enhance your videoslides with beautyful backgrounds that match your branding or style. You can add unlimited number of images and video clips. Between the slides you can have seamless and beautiful animations. And much much more.

Another big important feature is that unless many other video creation tools, there are no monthly costs and you own the full rights to everything you make.

And finally you can save your videos to MP4, youtube format and many other formats.

Checkout this indepth demonstration video to learn all about it.

How much does VideoMakerFX cost

VideoMakerFX has a retail price of 97 us$. We negotiated a 30 us$ discount for our readers. Click this link to buy VideoMakerFX for just 67 us$ ! But hurry, only a limited number of licenses are available at this price.