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Push Response demo video

Checkout this Push Response demonstration video, the push message notifications tool which brings you more traffic and more conversions. Push Response does not just allow you to send push notifications but allows you also to create and manage autoresponder campaigns and track the performance of it.

Learn more about our push notification service

If you are using Facebook or Outlook, you are probably familiar with notifications appearing in your desktop, tablet or phone informing you about new messages coming in. As a visitors of wpcosmos.com you can subscribe to our desktop notification service which allows us to send you messages in a similar way. As a subscriber you… Read More »

Push Response, push notifications for everyone

Push Response is an amazing push notification tool which allows website owners to send push notifications in the style facebook, ebay and others do. Push Responseis a new method to communicate with your customers leading to very high click through rates and conversions.

Videomaker FX demo & review

VideoMakerFX video creation software is a tool allowing you to make all kind of videos. Think of business & product promotional videos, testimonial & review videos, video sales letters, whiteboard videos, etc… . It comes with all to features required to make outstanding videos and comes without a learning curve. With VideoMakerFX you will be making professional videos in no time.